License Reciprocity

Professional License Reciprocity in the Military:


Southwestern Illinois legislators rallied statewide to unanimously pass HB 1652 enabling expedited license reciprocity for active duty military service members, to include members of the U.S. Coast Guard, Guardsmen, Reservists, and military spouses. This legislation was led by Illinois Rep. LaToya Greenwood, Rep. Jay Hoffman, Rep. Tony McCombie, Rep. Katie Stuart, Rep. Debbie Meyers-Martin, Rep. Mary Edly-Allen, Rep. Michael Halpin, Rep. Kelly Burke, Sen. Christopher Belt, Sen. Neil Anderson, Sen. Paul Schimpf, Sen. Rachelle Crowe, and Sen. Cristina Castro.

The new law compliments license reciprocity for teachers, which Illinois passed in 2018. Brandy Meyer, a military spouse and local teacher said, “The nation appreciates and supports the military, but sometimes less visible to the public are their husbands, wives, and children, who endure many unique challenges.” The new law will take effect in January 2020. Read more at the linked press release below.


Public Act 101-0240

Press Release: Licensure Legislation enables Military Members and Spouses to Gain Sustainable Jobs Faster

Legislation Provides License Reciprocity for Service Members & Spouses

ILLINOIS STATE HOUSE DISTRICT 113: Hoffman, Greenwood Measure to Expand Opportunities for Military Spouses Signed by Governor

Military Spouses will Benefit from this New Law

New Law helps Military Spouses find Employment



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